Could I order a photo book?
Sure. Before printing, you can view the finished book online.
When do we get the photos ready?
Mostly within 2 weeks after the wedding. In the high season, maximum within four to eight weeks. But after the wedding, you get a little preview from me.
Do you take a black and white photos?
Should I include your name as a photographer when publishing on the web?
It would be very important that you mention me as your photographer in the photos.
How long does it take to shoot?
My experience has shown that 1 hour is optimal for taking photos of a couple, for subsequent family and group photos you can expect about 30 minutes (depending on the size of your family and the number of locations).

Address me on this topic, and we will find a solution together with optimal time management.
When is it better to shoot the newlyweds?
The best photos are taken when the sun is low or cloudy. Under no circumstances should this happen in midday heat, we should avoid all of this ;).
Are all photos processed and do we get RAW?
Yes, I edit every wedding photo. Color, contrast, sharpness and white balance are always optimized. I never transmits original RAW photos.
What happens to our photos when published?
It's important for me to be able to show photos. Would you choose me if I didn't have photos on my website?

However, your full name will never appear on publication. You can also decide if I can use your photos in Instagram, Facebook, print media. In general, I ask you in advance if this is okay for you.

If you don't want your photos published, please contact me.
It is raining
No problem, you can take really beautiful photos even in the rain, but I always have a plan B. If it really isn't works, we can do the shoot another day.

Link to insurance, Paid immediately with advance payment.
What if the photographer's sick?
No problem, I have a large network of many wedding photographers that I can contact at any time to arrange the wedding. There are no costs for you and you don't have to worry about anything.
The camera is broken
I always have two cameras at my wedding and even when both break at the same time, I have backup cameras.
When am I supposed to look for a wedding photographer?
During the high season (May to September, Fridays or Saturdays) we usually have

is booked in one year. Interestingly, the most popular dates are always different. A good average way - to order a photographer within about 1 year.
How do photos get delivered?
I give JPG photos in high resolution and without watermarks. This way you can use the photos for development, photo printing, for posters or your wedding photo book. You will get photos through our online system. This access is usually not limited in time. We guarantee a shelf life of one year!
Do you also take photos outside of Austria?
Absolutely! If you book on time, only flight and accommodation costs will be charged in Europe, which I will negotiate individually with the bride and groom. I will be happy to accompany you from your departure for a few days, starting with a wedding ceremony abroad, a party on the beach and "the day after tomorrow" until your return flight. I will develop an individually agreed package.
How many photos do we get?
A lot. The reasonable size is about 60-80 photos that we take per hour, depending on how many guests are at the wedding or what happens at the wedding.
Do you take photos in church or in the registry office with a flash?
With or without a flash. My lenses and cameras are extremely sensitive to light and allow me to take photos in poor or dark light conditions.
What are you wearing to our wedding?
No shorts, no T-shirt, no flip-flops, unless you walk like this. I want to be seen as part of the wedding party,

Can you get rid of my pimples?
I process each of your photos and adjust things like image cropping, colors, contrasts and brightness individually where necessary. However, the beauty of retouching in Photoshop is not one of the following them. I believe in natural, authentic portraits - but of course, if a pimple in the close-up, I stamp it in front of... image editing.
How do our guests get their photos?
I will create an elegant private online gallery for you. There your guests have the opportunity to view photos and download them for free.
Can we book only for the registry office and portraits?
I like to accompany you all day so that I can tell your whole story - about the excitement, happiness, joy and emotions on your great day. However, shorter assignments are also possible outside the season or during the week.

Do we have to plan a place at the table for you?
Yes, please. It was good to be part of the community while eating.
Should we meet earlier?
Yeah, I'd love to. It is very important to get to know each other in advance and discuss important details!
Why are wedding photos "so expensive"?
If you take a closer look, wedding photos aren't expensive good photos are really priceless!

There is always someone who will offer cheaper, but I do not want to define myself by price, but by performance, quality and result. Most of the price consists of working time. Time for preparation, preliminary conversation, travel, time on site and follow-up actions.
It is often forgotten that after taking photos at a wedding, the work for the photographer continues at home.

To create high quality professional wedding photos must be carefully sorted at home, recycled and finally delivered. If you need a photo book, I will create an individual layout for it and take care of ordering the book.

In addition, as a professional wedding photographer you need high quality, expensive equipment in several versions to prepare for failures, as well as fast and powerful IT equipment at home.

Last but not least: you also order my artistic claims, the quality of my work and the duty to capture your moments.

a big day the way they deserve it! Since there is only one day, there is no second chance for photos on the wedding day.
Is there a prepayment?
Yes, the advance payment is 50% of the agreed fixed price and is payable upon conclusion of the contract.
What's the usual procedure on your wedding day?
In the process, I follow your ideas. For example, some couples only want to see each other for the first time at a wedding ceremony, while

other couples want to put photos at the beginning of the report so they can fully dedicate themselves to their guests. Of course, I would be happy to give you advice on how and where you can best use the photos or which light is best for the couple on their wedding day. If you want to focus only on your guests on the day of the wedding, as well as on atmospheric photos of couples in the evening sun, then we can also arrange to shoot after the wedding. So after the wedding, you're you put on your front clothes again, and I take photos in a very relaxed manner.
Is there a minimum reservation period?
Yes, it is.

The minimum reservation period on Saturdays during high season is six hours.
Someone else is also taking photos. You don't mind?
A wedding is also a very exciting, special day for guests, so I understand that many want to document their little moments.

It's perfectly normal.

However, I advise against taking a friend or relative as a second photographer. Despite the good intentions, amateurs always find themselves on the fire strip of a booked professional photographer and cause excitement in action.

The easiest way to get the best professional wedding photos are to give your guests the opportunity to relax and take part in the celebrations without any special tasks.
How does the booking work?
The first contact usually takes place via email, we clarify everything else in the preliminary discussion. If you want to book me, I will give you a contract, which we will pass together and about which you can ask questions. After signing the contract and making an advance payment, your meeting will be reserved.

I look forward to your wedding!
You want a seat in the car? Or will you drive yours?
What if I let go of the column? Who's gonna take your photo?! I reduce the risks. So prepare a seat in the car for me and my assistant.
What are the photographer's rights?
I can demand that no one interfere with my work. So you should warn all the guests with the cameras that they take photos discreetly and not constantly. Or better yet - give up amateur photos at all! Let the guests enjoy the holiday, make some "selfies" and be happy.
My future husband doesn't like to be photographed, and we're not good at photography. What do we do?
Don't worry about it. I have repeatedly made sure that every person is photogenic - the main thing is to choose the right angle. I advise you to forget about being photographed during a photo shoot, imagine that you are alone with yourself, enjoy the views of the city and get emotions from the atmosphere and society of each other. Act as if nothing is happening - then the photos will come out beautiful, alive and you will like yourself in them. Bright and open emotions, sincere joy - this is how the most beautiful wedding photos appear. I love to work with couples who are ready even for a slightly crazy actions for a memorable wedding frame.
We'll have guests at the wedding. Can we take more photos of our guests?
Of course, I'm sure to pay attention to everyone at the event. You will receive pictures of you, pictures of guests and pictures together.

But I strongly advise you not to take them with you for a photo walk.
What is the best color of the bouquet in the photos?
Bouquets with color accent look best - pink, blue, yellow, orange. Bright bouquets often merge with a wedding dress.

Valeria Akerlund

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