All the "delights" of the photographer's work.

All the "delights" of the photographer's work.
 Do you think photographers live well, too? We are everywhere: at holidays and parties, at other events, in cafes and restaurants, at weddings, anniversaries, concerts of stars. Chic, luxury, lots of impressions, beautiful places, communication? And not bad money for all that.  Next, you can imagine a picture of our everyday life, including all the possible delights: coffee, a leisurely breakfast, a chic studio, a good car, beautiful models, etc. Oh, yes! And again, big money.  
 And now my clear truth...

 Morning's not as cheerful as we'd like it to be. You often have to fall asleep at night. Only at night thoughts blow in the head and creativity starts working. And then there is a new article and a couple of videos and a new idea how to process an old photo and still on the forum an interesting question discuss ... everything. It's time for bed!

 Breakfast. Coffee, coffee, coffee, lots of coffee! We have to pick up the photos, get each one in order.
  The process is long, tedious and very time consuming, requiring special knowledge and some experience.
 And, of course, as always, it's urgent. You asked for it.)

  -About equipment and so on

  I take all kinds of pictures and it's almost free for me. You get lost 100 times. It's worth looking at our inventory list and extra expenses. Personally, I get a little uncomfortable at the end of the year.

• 3 - 4 cameras

• 8 lenses

• Filters

• Flashes

• Tripod

• Studio Light

• Softboxes.

• Photosounds.

• Decorations and costumes.

• Reflectors

• Synchronizers

• Desks

• Backgrounds

• Spare batteries

• Memory cards

• Chargers

• Couple of bags

• Software

• Laptop

• Website

• Advertising

• Marketing material

• Training

• Internet

• Electricity

 The camera has a guaranteed number of shutter releases, and the lenses and flash are the same: they must be replaced if used intensively. And what's interesting is that all of these things have the nasty property of breaking down.
 All this we need is for our dear clients to be satisfied with our work.

 I almost forgot about my family and friends. "You only have a picture in your mind." That's what I hear regularly and systematically. Weekends and vacations... that's what the story doesn't say)). And now, in my case, I add the honorary titles of wife and mother. Many men are photographers; I just refuse to understand how a woman photographer lives in a family.

  Nervous tension. In order to shoot successfully, we are ready to be anyone: Mom, Dad, psychologist, organizer ... On the shoot we are so stuck that sometimes do not notice fatigue. But then we come back to reality with...
  with all the ensuing consequences (you're squeezed out like a lemon, you're angry, you're angry at everyone, everything and everything annoys you). And that's not all.

  Later you get nervous on all occasions: how to select, how to process, what style, how the client will enjoy the work, what reaction to the work will follow.
 And here is the worst thing for me personally, that many customers, having received a photo, and leave the photographer without any reaction. You can guess for yourself.

  All my colleagues will agree with me that selling you as a photographer is the most hated. But how else? You'll just stay hungry.

 But our difficulties are hardening us. And I adore my job, I love it. I look forward to seeing you every time.

 Love us photographers. Don't make us misunderstand. Not only do we make you happy, but you make us happy too