Advice to the bride

Advice to the bride.

The following tips will help the bride:

• Thorough make-up. No contrast between face and neck
• Periodically fix your makeup, powder your face.
• Blushes are applied to the base under the powder. The best option is pink blush.
• Apply a lip pencil to all lips, not only on the contour.
• Paint only the upper lashes. Use waterproof mascara.
• A gray, brown or plum tone of liner is recommended.
• Use matte lipstick.
• Avoid shiny cosmetics.
• Take care of the eyebrows. It's better to have your eyebrows plucked a week before the shoot.

General tips

- Bachelor parties are celebrated in advance. Have a good sleep. The traces of sleep on the face disappear in two hours after waking up.
- Refrain from alcohol, fat and sweet food, lots of water before bed. You want to avoid swelling, redness, skin irritations.
- We suggest you visit the tanning bed. Don't overdo it. Exclude self-tanning.
- Forget the glitter hairspray. In the photo they look like dandruff, and on the face as image defects.
- We're planning a trial hairstyle.
- For a walk, take the powder and special wipes that eliminate the shine on your face.
- Thinking carefully about wedding shoes. Take a spare one without heels.
- Do you wear glasses? Choose thin lenses without additional coatings.
- Do not worry about the dirty hem of the dress.
- Take wet wipes, pins, a needle and thread.
- Do not forget about manicure.
- A few days before the shoot renew the hair color.