About Me

I create, live
and I am very happy creating my works.

I believe that my works make the world and people in it better and happier. It’s not necessary for all people to understand and accept them.

To be a good photographer one needs to study a lot and constantly. It requires much time and efforts. But I always do it everywhere with great pleasure. I don’t want to say that I can do everything and I doubt that anyone can boast about it. But I know that tomorrow I’ll be better than today. I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to my first teacher Pavel Babarikin, my husband, my friends and my teachers in social nets.

I take photos for myself, getting a lot of enjoyment, happiness and energy. I have a great desire to share my emotions with you. I’m ready to be close to you in any moments: whether it is a marriage or a children’s holiday, whether it is your walk or someone’s birthday or a child’s birth. You will probably want to make a present like a photo session or you will just want to improve your mood and get some good photos. I’ll do everything that depends on me.

You can find my first portfolio at website and follow for all events, learn new information in my blog in INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.

Sign, please. I’ll be glad to see you among my guests. If you have already decided to add new photos in your photo albums, write and call me, please. Next free shot may be really yours.